Please call or email for information/details about classes, events, group sessions and MMJ Tours:

border-blue-1“Learn About Medical Marijuana & What It Can Do for You.”

 “Modern Cannabis Medicine: A Patient’s Journey.”
border-blue-12)  “Pediatric Medicinal Cannabis:  Whole Plant Therapy and the Entourage Effect.”
“Children’s Epilepsy: Charlotte’s Story.”border-blue-13)  “Preparing to Leave the Body: the Spirit & Grace of Medical Marijuana.”

“Saying Goodby: Making the Last Days Count.”border-blue-1Sessions, classes and group discussions about the six subjects above take about 2 hours each. I am available evenings, mornings, lunchtime, and/or afternoons for special presentations and private appointments.border-blue-1Cell:  509-638-5011 / Email: