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MMJ HotLine is OPEN to everyone from all states, lands, countries and territories. We want to help answer your questions & address your concerns regarding medical marijuana, how it might benefit you and why.  If we don’t know, we will find out!

National Academy of Sciences study Marijuana is Medicine Jan 12, 2017

Your  own suggestions, stories, advice are very much welcomed. Whatever your life experience has taught you about cannabis, medical marijuana, MMJ products, health and well-being, we ask you to share with us.
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Medical Marijuana patients need your attention and support in WA state. WA has no legally approved Medicinal Cannabis. Rick Simpson’s Oil is now illegal and unavailable.

It is shameful that the Medicine (Charlotte’s Cure, etc) is available in other states but not in WA because of petty. absurd laws and regulations, backward politics, SB 5052 and the continuing War on Drugs.

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Education – accurate, scientific, up to date
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Research – participate in the global Body of Knowledge
Problem-solving, peer reviews, case studies
Consumer Feedback – producers/processors/retailers
Resources – links to non-profits, studies, anecdotes
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“Medical Marijuana” not available in WA State

WA state – On Friday, July 1, 2016 we witnessed the official merging of the old-school Medical Marijuana “Black Market” industry into the legal 502 state-run, regulated and taxed recreational marijuana program.

Things are not going well in Washington for medical marijuana patients. All of our dispensaries and collective gardens have been forced out of business. After so many years, fighting for our rights to the Medicine, putting our lives on the line – it’s all gone. There is no medical marijuana in the state of Washington now.

Washington state has embarked on a grand experiment – finally acknowledging scientific-based research proving that cannabis does indeed have medicinal properties. This is just the beginning. Now that proper studies and clinical trials can be conducted we may very well be able to eliminate diseases we never imagined we could cure.

We don’t know what this plant can create for the betterment of mankind but we sure are looking forward to finding out. If cannabis saves one child, if the Medicine eases the suffering of one cancer patient, if medical marijuana eases the passing of one lifetime to the next, then all the work, the persecution, the prosecution of patients, growers, dispensaries and activists – fighting the Good Fight everywhere – will not be in vain.
border-blue-1Mission Projects:

Medical Marijuana Consultant, Teaching, Research 

Society of Cannabis Clinicians “MMJ Patient Challenges” Committee

MMJ Product Research, Patient/Consumer Reviews 

Obligation: Contribute to the body of  knowledge through the International Registry of Medical Marijuana Case Reviews

border-blue-1Medical Marijuana professionals are encouraged to join our networking team on the MMJHotLine/CannabisHelpLine and to send us your BIO, details, your location, specialty, etc.  We will give you a FREE page (for 2 months) so that you can get established and be able to communicate with your clients. After that, it will be nominal monthly advertising fee.
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border-blue-1Disclaimer:  Although the humans staffing the MMJ Hotline have been vetted as to education, experience and the ability to understand and articulate scientific, accurate information, we are not medical professionals, nor do we claim to have definitive answers off the top of our heads.  We will do everything we can to provide callers with the knowledge and resources so that they may make better-informed decisions when purchasing and/or using cannabis products.
border-blue-1Callers: Always, check with your physician or health care provider whenever you have questions about your health. The MMJ HotLine (nor any of our websites under the brand) cannot take responsibility for any medical issues nor can we be held responsible for any consequences that may occur after using our service. We offer resources, education and information about the use of medical marijuana for certain conditions but, ultimately, all decisions to use any medical product is the sole responsibility of the adult.


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